Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Doing Well, an update about our little man

I've been wanting to update the blog now for a while, just to let everyone know how our little guy is doing. Well I have some spare time and a lot to say, so now just where to start.

As you all know, one of last struggles have been Memphis' sight, hearing, and feeding. Well I am so glad to say that Memphis has been eating by mouth now for a few months! He loves very flavorful food, and avoids almost all sweets. Some of his favorites have been chips and salsa, popcorn, ramen noodles, and pickles. Yes, pickles. He will eat regular dill pickle slices until the whole jar is done. He fights Daddy every time he comes around and steals a bite of his popcorn. He fought for so long to be able to eat it, and now he wants to fight to not lose it. He doesn't mind trying hardly anything, but he is very quick to let you know if he doesn't like it. We still can't get him to take gummy vitamins by mouth but he is getting more and more tolerable to them every day. We actually notice a difference in his mood now when he is hungry. It's very much like those Snicker's commercials, he is a different little boy when his belly is empty. Every day is a struggle to just make sure that he doesn't eat too much junk food. The little man loves his cereal! (especially fruit loops)

His hearing has been progressing good, and we don't expect any issues from it. He had started talking a while back, and now is a little talking machine. Some of his favorite words are huh, okay, and no. Just recently he started saying, what you say, when you don't respond to his huhs. Most of his speech is coming right along and it is so stinking cute, except now that he understands the power of NO. That may or may not be cute at all. Along with being able to talk though, he is also able to understand when Mommy or Daddy say no. He has also started calling us Mom and Dad, unless he is hurt or scared.

His eye sight is still a worry to us at this point. The strabismus affected eye has started drifted back outward now and the ophthalmologist has said that as good as our efforts were, they did not change the eye. It will continue to drift outward to what I expect would be almost its initial orientation. The doctor has mentioned doing another round of surgeries, but they would be only for cosmetic purposes. He has urged that we wait until right before he goes into kindergarten to do the operation, that way his peers won't have that to pick at him for. We are strongly considering this as we all know how mean kids can be.

Now onto the good stuff! Like I said earlier, he has been eating solid food, by mouth, for quite a while. Memphis' little stomach seems to be handling all of this just fine. We have the random tummy ache, and by far he may have more but he is just such a tough little boy. His lungs have been sustaining him now alone for quite a while. We have had a few small cold scares, but he has been able to fight them off with the help of a few breathing treatments. I imagine when he gets a little older a steroid inhaler and a rescue inhaler will be in order for him. Until those days he is still randomly using a nebulizer. He loves spending his days running around with the big kids until he is out of breath, and then just running some more.

What a little tough boy though. We're not sure if it was due to the amount of pain he was in while in the hospital, the medicine he was given, or just a strong will, but this little man can take a hit and keep on going. We've seen him run into desks, fall off of chairs, put hot soup in his mouth and just keep going. I pinch him while we play and he doesn't even act like he notices it. Oh but if he gets in a little trouble, he turns on the water works. He has turned out to be one of the most caring, sharing, and sensitive little boys I've ever seen.

Well everybody, that's about all I have in me for the day. Thanks for keeping Memphis in your thoughts! It means so much to us.

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